Milford On Sea

Art Appreciation 4

Status:Active, full but can join waiting list
Group email: Art Appreciation 4 group
When: Monthly on Monday mornings 10:00-12:00
2nd Monday in Library at Beach House
Venue: Beach House

Those interested in joining should contact the group contact person.

Meeting of Art Appreciation group 4 to discuss artists and their works.

Our group of 10 continues to meet monthly and discuss artists and their works. We also take a wider view and examine various art movements, ranging from the European - such as romanticism and impressionism - to the art of other cultures such as Japan and native Canadian and Australian art. This keeps us engaged and aware of the diversity of art across our world.

Our u3a activities are risk assessed. If you take part in any group activity you must read the risk assessment.

You must be a member of Milford on Sea u3a to join this group.